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Monday, February 05, 2007

MyBlogLog from yahoo Is Very Cool

MyBlogLog from yahoo Is Very Cool

On MyBlogLog you take all the people who read your blog and allow them to connect to your blog as a community.

Once you sign up, you are added to blogs that you've viewed at least 10 times. You can change this in the settings, if you want, but I think 10 is a good number to show real interest in a blog.

Here's a write up that Mashable did on it. And, today I noticed that ReadWriteWeb had also written a piece on MyBlogLog.

Note one of the comments on Mashable's June post from a MyBlogLog insider:

We’re not making any effort to hide MyBlogLog communities, but we’re also not really telling anyone about it yet. We’re oldschool beta and still a ways away from delivering a complete experience.

If this was all we had up our sleeve, I’d completely agree with you — what the world needs now is not another generic social network. We’ve got a couple more weeks of serious work tying together the existing MyBlogLog capabilities with our new Communities framework. In the not too distant future, you can look forwad to a much greater intimacy with your readers.

It really is a neat little webapp. Oddly enough, Mashable has taken it out of the sidebar. Not sure if that says anything though, it could be that the real estate in that sidebar is worth too much for a social (but not lucrative) space invader.

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