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Sunday, January 21, 2007

talent search for bloggers and seo experts

talent search for bloggers and seo experts

bloggers and search engine optimization experts take note

hi friends

i have added this post talent search for bloggers and seo experts to my blog so that you can use this platform to write about themselves and get more readers to their blogs and show to more people your true blogging and search engine optimization capability.

use comment section to write about yourself.


Zach Katkin said...

Hi Akshay and problogger visitors. My name is Zach Katkin. I am the owner and operator of a very small web design firm in South Florida. I have a history and good understanding of CSS, XHTML, Search Marketing, particularly Google AdWords, Photoshop and Design. I am always trying to learn more, particularly about SEO and ways to drive quality traffic to my own web site as well as the web site of others. I author a personal blog called theNapkin, where I discuss web design, business, and SEO.

Please feel free to send me any questions or comments regarding web design, SEO... anything electrical :)

akshay said...

Hi Zach

first of all thanks for writing to me.

as you have written to me about seo,i would like to work with you on this.
i have been blogging for over 1 year now and have done a lot of study on seo and will like to tell you seo is very simple and people fail to understand seo because most of the top bloggers try to misguide people like us.
i don't have much idea about your knowledge of seo but will like to tell you that i will always be ready to help you out,if the need be - advice you or even do seo for you as you may want and also like to have discussion with you over seo as i believe nobody has complete knowledge of seo.

besides this i will like to continue our association and in future i may be launching a blog network,i hope you would be part of it.

hope you keep on visitng my blog

thanking you